The last Edinburgh of my UK trip, run for it

Today is day 7 of my UK tour. The women in this bus were all shopaholics, they asked the guide not to arrange a tour of Edinburgh, just shop and shop, I was bummed as I wasn’t asking for much, I had already bought a few things in Bicester and the runaway town, plus recently, I was particularly poor and didn’t want to go shopping.

The original plan was to see Calton Hill from afar, take a walking tour of the Royal Mile, see Holyrood Palace and more. After lunch a tour of the Forth Bridge. None of these materialised for us and Edinburgh felt colder.

We shopped in Edinburgh’s Princes Street, which is great for street photography and is beautiful in any way.

I was most impressed by the saleswoman at the Saint Laurent counter, she was not young, her make-up was exquisite, and she was very comfortable to communicate with, there is no difference between high and low professions, you want to be beautiful or degenerate, it’s all in your own mind.

It is actually the shopping malls in Edinburgh that give you a taste of the city’s charm. The mall is built in an old building and the modern merchandise matches the old architecture perfectly. Similar to Taikoo Li in Chengdu, this is an international trend, right? Is this a way for us to appreciate that time moves on and shopping doesn’t stop? Or is it a way of saying, “Why do you care about so many things when you’ve been around for decades, just do what you need to do? Just buy and buy and buy? Or to give up all material things, to find objects that we like, and to find things that we like, in a few short years of life.

We passed the coffee house where Harry Potter was written, Elephant Coffee, and wished I could have gone in for a cup of coffee and imagined what it would have been like when she was writing the books.

We were about to leave, it was raining in Edinburgh and we were about to leave England.

Travelling is a process of looking at yourself and your thoughts are not always in the present, you may see things, you may think of distant antiquity, the present society, your present situation, you will compare, you will have thoughts of breaking out of reality you will plan your next trip for you. Will want to be here again. Will miss the people you meet by chance, an unconscious gesture that will make you discover yourself.

Your innermost, true thoughts will burst forth in your mind, you may settle into the reality of your life, or you may struggle to make a change, I feel either way, at my age, I find that life is in one word, short!

You live the life you want to live, but you can’t live it without hard work and struggle. The fact that it’s short makes it all the more valuable.

My thoughts are not too many, my current level of English is catching up with me, and I like to write and be quiet.

But I have not been introduced to either of these, and I want to travel the world and live the life I have always wanted to live.

I have never cared for a job in sales, and now it seems that money is the only thing that will allow me to live the life I want. Love, all appear when you are not very much in love with each other, you are too involved, is a moth to the flame, love never balances.

The world is rich, and the richest of all is the human heart. People can create many products or works that will last for generations in a short period of time.

It is far from the world and close to it, and every day that floats by has to be spent with one’s feet on the ground. Time is counted by the hour, there is no monetary income, hopefully there is another. It is the dismal and low point of the moment that makes you understand the realm of life.

Our return flight connects in Amsterdam, Holland, with a 40-minute connection time, so let’s run and run.


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