Italy excursions and food

Today I was in Italy, in the city of Rome, in Venice on the water, that the water was turquoise, but, not so clean, but a lot of water plants were floating up, and there were especially a lot of aquatic animals sticking to the water, under the corners of the Venetian houses.

Those are one of the seafood we see on the seafood table, those seafood are in the water, floating, then sometimes floating to one corner, and then open to another corner, while floating this time can take advantage of the opportunity to pick up and put on the table, but, if when it floats to the corner, he will cling to the corner, then you will be difficult to pick off, if you want to pick off, there is a risk that it will damage its quality. So it’s better to wait for it to float and then catch it!

As soon as we arrived at Venice on the water, we went for a boat ride, and after we got on the boat we looked down the river and found a lot of those seafood floating around in the water, and then we got some up by hand, which was really fun, but there were a few times when we didn’t nag, because these creatures can also run away? It’s impossible to keep floating there and nag you, he will definitely hide too.

After the boat ride we came to a restaurant on the water and each of us had a plate of cuttlefish pasta, which was filled with ink, naughty, the smell of one cuttlefish wafted to our noses, smelled strange, but it was still very tasty to eat, smelled like a ball of fishy, raw fish that hadn’t been fried, but it was still very tasty to eat on, the cuttlefish that had been cooked to perfection and then stuck to the pasta, but I also thought the spaghetti bolognese would be better, so I had one and found that both had different flavours, one with the flavour of the cuttlefish and one with the mixture of meat and tomatoes.

Some people ordered extra food, the first time on, on a good dish, that is cured meat, cantaloupe There are cured meat cured for two years, soft or raw, and very cold cantaloupe, it is eaten by taking off a piece of cantaloupe, and then wrapped in that piece of soft sound meat, wrapped up to eat, although I did not order extra food, but others still gave me a piece, I tasted, really delicious it was so good, the second of the extra life was my favourite seafood soup, which had all kinds of seafood meat, cows, those sea creatures we saw at sea, and some salmon and so on, it was so good, they said they couldn’t drink it, he gave it to us, then we shared it, it was the best soup I’ve ever had, and then the extra position people served a tiramisu, which means in Italian Take me away, legend has it, an Italian, soldier’s, wife made it, she wanted her husband to take her away with him, to be together and never part, you are the one who added the meal, ordered the tiramisu with a little more chocolate sauce sprinkled on top, so it tastes better, the tiramisu is made with, those biscuits soaked into the coffee, soaked for a whole day, then made into the meat of the cake, then coated with coffee cream and sprinkled with coffee powder. A pure coffee, tiramisu was born, and later on a large keyboard, which has fried fish, and chicken, and fries, etc., see is very greedy ah, next to a slice of lemon, I know that lemon is what, you can put the lemon stuffed that fish above or sprinkled in those baked fish above or put the fries above will also be very delicious, right, and then I tried it, really delicious.

It was great to come to Venice on the water, we were in the mood for a meal that made us happy, and then after we finished eating we went to the bottom of a bell tower in Venice on the water, and there were pigeons jumping around, and then we took some bread and the pigeons were all on our hands and heads. After I put it on my hand, many pigeons jumped up and ate it. Finally, I saw a few pigeons that even wanted to, jumped on my head and jumped once, to, and then because it was impossible for them to do it on their heads, I just, sprinkled a little biscuit on my head to, and they ate it on my head, at first I was a bit scared, I thought this word would definitely poke me, right? I knew that if I had known, I would have put all those bread crumbs on my body, because it was fun to hear those two words on my hands or head, and I only put them on my head and hands when the bread blood was almost gone, so it didn’t take long for the pigeons to play and the pigeons were all gone. We got back to the hotel.

If you come to Italy, I recommend you to come to Venice on the water and try their pasta, it’s really delicious and if you like to play with pigeons, then you can prepare a little more bread crumbs or some biscuits, then each one may fly into your hands!


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