Greece Trip – Mykonos

Today was a trip to Mykonos, leaving at 5am from our hotel, which had prepared a morning take away for us. We arrived at the pier in less than an hour by bus.

Our guide Gan said that this was the boat waiting for people and that we could get on as soon as we arrived. The boat was very large, like three levels, and the inside was very comfortable with long sofas, individual couches, and tables. Our group spread out and sat down against the boat, looking out over the blue sea, and the 4 hours or so passed very quickly. One thing worth mentioning is the toilet on the boat. The back of the toilet is marked in English that you should not throw hand towels in the toilet, and underneath it is also marked in Chinese that you should not throw them. I think it is possible that Chinese tourists often threw it in the past, which led to the toilet often blocked, this kind of special Chinese marking situation in the Philippines also saw in Bohol, indeed, not long, there are really blocked toilets. It feels more likely that the Chinese did it. In recent years, there have been more Chinese people travelling around the world, so they should really pay attention to China’s image, and the quality of the economy should also keep up with the rise.

When we arrived at the island of Rice, there were a lot of people everywhere, tourists from all over the world, mainly Westerners, who rarely wear hats and even less umbrellas, they love the sun and their sun-tanned skin.

Our guide took us to the town first. The tone of the town is white, the walls and even the floors are painted white, some of the church roofs are painted blue, or red. The town is small, with a variety of small shops lining the streets.

Our guide recommended Greek kebabs, a pastry coated with yoghurt sauce, some tomatoes, onions and some grilled meat, very convenient and tasty, the key is very cheap, usually 3 euros, compared to other food is very affordable. The guided tour ends although there are many restaurants, some of them very expensive, basically several hundred euros per person, the main food for most Greeks is still Greek burritos. They eat them almost every day. The guys in the burrito shops are very well versed in making them, like art.

We wandered through the alleyways, walked to the windmill complex, passed Little Venice and our mood began to soar.

After the town, we took a bus to the famous Paradise Beach, which is famous for skinny dipping and is a gay hangout. The beach is famous for skinny dipping and is a gay hangout, but nowadays you don’t see many naked people. There were parties along the beach, and all sorts of hot people in very little clothing were dancing. The sand is coarse and large grained, the water is very clear, but the water is a bit cold, not many people go into the water, most of them sunbathe on the beach loungers.

Finally our guide took us back to the hotel where the pool was right in front of our room and the kids were excited to change into their swimming suits and go for a swim as soon as we arrived. We were busy burning instant noodles, which were undoubtedly heavenly to us after a few days on the Greek diet, when our Chinese stomachs began to crave Chinese food so strongly. We were all very satisfied with our instant noodles and various snacks.

We woke up early the next morning and went to the beach side of the hotel to watch the sunrise and see a bit of a goose that wasn’t afraid of people.

Then we went to breakfast, which was the best breakfast we’ve had since we’ve been in Greece.

After replenishing our hearty breakfast we went into the water. The water was really cold, but we found a lot of fish in the water after a while, in a variety of colours, but it was a lot of fun. We were the only ones on the large beach and we had a great time in the water, although the water was freezing, the experience left a very lasting memory.

Travel is more about getting involved and experiencing things for yourself, and a tour that is too comfortable doesn’t really leave too many memories.

Soon the fun was over and we left Minox at noon to take the boat to Santorini.


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