Travel tips for Korea, be your own guide and experience the real charm of Korea

Travel in Korea

Travelling to Korea and finding yourself surrounded by tour groups?

Or that there’s nowhere to go but to shop?

Then you’re probably not going to the right places!

Today we’re introducing you to some of Korea’s real HOT PLACE (플플리)!

Get a taste of Korea’s true charm!

Yeonam-dong (연남동)

Yonnam-dong is located next to the tourist attraction Hongdae, and is centered around the Kyung-Il line walkway. There are many cafes with their own unique style, Japanese restaurants with a Korean twist, Southeast Asian restaurants, and vintage clothing shops that are worth a look. It’s well worth a leisurely afternoon stroll.


If you’re tired of shopping and full of food, why not take a break on the lawn of the Kyunggyi Line walking trail? Don’t be shy, Koreans love to rest or have a picnic on the lawns of parks, so sit down when you see an empty space.

On weekends, you may also come across indie musicians performing on the streets. Although you don’t know who the singers are or if they’re singing something unknown, it’s worth stopping to listen to a song and applaud their dreams.

In the evening, you can also go to a restaurant with a nice atmosphere, have a drink and chat with friends.

Mangwon-dong (망원동)

Mangwondo has become a new trend in recent years, and is a dream come true for many young people who want to open their own coffee shop. Compared to Yeonam-dong, it’s quieter and has a charm that you need to explore to discover. I think the cafes in Mongwon-dong are a little better than those in Yeonam-dong.)

In addition to cafes, there are also many creative shops that feature the work of Korean designers, making it a haven for handwriters. Even if you don’t write a handbook, you might be tempted to shop around and buy some unique Korean souvenirs with these simple and delicate objects.

There is another market in Wangwon-dong that retains the traditional Korean market atmosphere, but is also perfect for foreigners.

There are many authentic Korean snacks, such as fried rice cakes, fish cake skewers and nori wrapped rice, as well as the lesser-known but much-loved fried goods (튀김) and sesame doughnuts (꽈배기).

You’ll probably be full after a quick stroll, or you can pack up and take a picnic to the nearby Mapo Han River Park!

University Avenue (대학로)

University Avenue is one of Korea’s most famous cultural and artistic streets, with many exciting small theatre musicals and plays being staged every day, serving as a showcase for young actors with dreams of being on stage and a place where many audiences come to the theatre for the first time.

The small theatres are less distant from the audience than regular theatres, and the actors’ rich expressions, body movements and interaction with the audience make the two hours enjoyable even if they don’t speak Korean very well.

So now that you are in University Avenue, why not go into the theatre and watch a small theatre musical or play?

Today I would like to recommend a musical called “Washing Clothes (빨래)”. The play is about people living in rented accommodation in Seoul who are optimistic about their lives despite the hardships they face, and who use the metaphor of “washing clothes” to wash away the dust in their hearts. There is also a beautiful story about a Mongolian boy, Song Ko Ryu, and a Korean girl, Na Young, who fall in love at first sight. As the lead character is a foreigner, his pronunciation and the story he tells will resonate a lot with Korean language learners and international students.

(Tickets for the musical can be bought at the door, but if you are afraid of selling out or want to get a good seat, you can book in advance at interpark ticket global)

(Photo from the return performance of the musical “Washing Clothes”)

Locsan Park, near University Avenue, is a great place to enjoy the night view of Seoul. Locsan Park retains the old city walls, but also has modern park facilities and many cute little sculptures~ When night falls and all the lights are on, it’s nice to walk by the old city walls with the evening breeze.

Luoshan Park is also the location for many TV dramas and variety shows. For example, the scene in “This is the First Time” where Seh-hee thinks Ji-ho is kidnapped by a pervert and runs to save him is here!

Seokchon (서촌)

I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous Hanok Village, Bukchon, but it’s become so commercialised in recent years that it’s lost its simple, unpretentious flavour. So why not go to the smaller but historic West Village? Located to the west of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the village still has many old Korean houses, small low-rise houses and barber shops from the old days.

In addition to this, Seokchon is also a Korean art village, with Daeo Bookstore (대오서점), which was left behind by the literati of the last century, the ruins of a shared house where the famous poet Yoon Dong-ju lived in his youth, and the Daelim Art Museum, a modern art gallery specialising in photography.

Daeo Bookshop is now not just a bookshop either, but also a small coffee shop with the smell of books. Daeo Bookstore is also a popular spot for celebrity photo shoots, with IU’s “Flower Bookmarks” insert, Infinite’s L and Lee Min-ho also posing for photos here.

Well, that’s all for today!


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