Toilet in Europe

Have you ever asked someone to go to the toilet? I was invited to go to the toilet once today.

In Europe, you have to pay to go to the toilet, some have to pay 1 euro, some have to pay 0.5 euro. The euro exchange rate is more than 7 points, which means that the last toilet will cost nearly 4 to 8 RMB. nearly 5 days in Italy, the tour leader took us to try to find the wc that does not cost money, such as duty free stores, service areas, dining restaurants, etc., almost did not pay for the toilet. The first time I saw the car, I was able to get to the car. The cheapest drink in the supermarket is 1.5 Euros, and a toilet break is 0.5 Euros. We were all counting on the bus to drink less and go to the toilet less. Our tour bus into the service area, one is someone can not hold it, the second is the European bus drivers have rules, a few hours of driving must stop after 15 minutes to half an hour rest, the car is equipped with a black box, if found overtime driving that will be a very heavy penalty. After the car turned off, everyone crowded to the restroom line. There is a coin machine at the entrance of the toilet, which will automatically open the gate and spit out a small ticket after casting. In a short time, we saw our group pinching the tickets and looking for the right food items to exchange in the supermarket. Most people chose the fresh dairy products for 1.5 Euros, if you are a family of two, you only need to pay 0.5 Euros to get a carton of fresh milk, which we all found acceptable. Since the next stop to the hotel was nearly 5 hours away, everyone ate and drank and was ready to go. I was impressed by a 79 year old man in the group. It is the oldest in our group, Europe he came by himself, this time is specially accompanied by his wife to play, this move was praised by everyone. Because of his age, he was basically the one who shouted for convenience every time, and he was the first one to rush to the toilet and get in front of the line. Because of the long journey to the next station, the oldest brother discussed with his partner before getting on the train to go to the toilet again, and his sister-in-law said that she had just finished, and now there is no, not on. The oldest brother was originally engaged in sales, coupled with the southerners, can talk, good memory, will calculate. He himself once on 0.5 Euros, buy milk 1.5 Euros, he a person on the end of another 1 Euros, or 2 people cost-effective. He told his partner that you don’t have to pay the money, but his sister-in-law was angry and said she didn’t have to pay for that. Brother turned his head and shouted: Who wants to go to the toilet, my treat! I would have belonged to the can not on, see him shouting half a day no one answered I said that I on it, big brother immediately handed me 0.5 euros, instructed me to remember to give him the small ticket, I do not know if he explained, sister-in-law accompanied me to the toilet, the machine spit out the small ticket old sister-in-law took it directly! They are happy to exchange milk products, I can also lightly loaded on the road. Oh, we are all happy. Afterword is, the trip is almost over, the oldest brother whispered to us: this trip he secretly outside the toilet in the woods three times, saving more than 20 yuan! Oh!


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