My trip to the UK, Windermere in the rain

We were in a hurry to get to our next attraction, the Windermere experience.

The weather in England is so unreliable that it started raining again. Windermere, the largest lake in England, was formed at the end of the last ice age in a glacial valley running north-south through the Cumbrian Mountains.

The first place we reach is the old little railway station (Haverthwaite Sation), a steam engine train, which is a small coal-burning train.

The industrial revolution is 200 years away and it is because of this that we are able to fly from China to England today to this charming little station.

A mist of drizzle rose up and enveloped the station, the picture was so romantic and listening to the sound of the train arriving at the station was like arriving with a thump on our hearts. We all raised our mobile phones to capture this cloudy train as it slowly entered the station.

We boarded the little train in the rain and slowly left this tiny station, each carriage, once you get on it, for a few minutes of silence, you travel back in time to what it was like over 100 years ago, a very slow time, a very slow day. The first industrial revolution saw Britain emerge as a world power, and the little train in the rain bears witness to this history.

Linda, who had been very gentle, sat with a white scarf around her. Little Liu’s wife, who was very loud, sat against the window and asked me to take her picture, the women chattering, the rain dripping on the glass windows, looking at the wet landscape in the distance, the buildings of England reflecting each other, another fairy tale world.

Once in the Lake District, we disembarked from the little train and continued in line to board the boat for a tour of Lake Windermere. The English love the Lake District, it is a way of life for them and many choose to live in the Lake District for a period of time each year. Lake Windermere is the most popular lake district, 17km long and 1.6km wide, covering 16 square kilometres, with a depth of less than 100 metres and a resident population of less than 40,000.

The boat is two-tiered and we boarded the first floor where the rain was drizzling and the lake was covered in a veil, like a shy maiden turning her head away from the view. We couldn’t see Lake Windermere clearly, she was very introverted and elegant, the lake must be very deep, there were no waves on the lake, only the waves around the boat, I couldn’t help but poke my head out and want to feel her more.

The only way people want to retain the beauty is to take pictures and videos, I still like to blink my eyes a few times to record the moment. The houses on the opposite shore are in the landscape, as are the boats on the lake, and we are in the landscape.

The Lake District is plentiful in the country, and I felt that Lake Windermere had the feel of the smoke and rain of the south of the river.

When we reached the shore, we went ashore, the commercial taste was very strong, there were many swans around the lake, we were not allowed to go near the lake, the swans were also used to being photographed, we habitually patted the fear, and then strolled around the lake. Xiao Liu sister-in-law to the shop, this shop, although in the tourist attractions, but the price is still very reasonable.

I’m a fan of plaid scarves, once I saw one, I couldn’t walk away. The price is around £30, and it’s a cashmere scarf made in Scotland. We picked out a number of them, but unfortunately we were pressed for time and the beautiful woman we were travelling with was unwilling to pay the tax refund with us, so we gave up.

Lake Windermere, as I remember it, was the people we were with, weaving excitedly through the raindrops and snapping every photo of each other. And the jokes we had made together, and the stems we only knew about ourselves.

Every time we went to a place with a lake, if it was raining, we would give up our boat trip to the lake. This time, we were able to experience Lake Windermere in the rain, rain or shine, and it was a different experience.

When Xi visited the UK in 2015, he went to a traditional pub with British Prime Minister David Cameron and enjoyed fish and chips. I have always longed to experience fish and chips and would love to. This evening, we had fish and chips over a beer near the Lake District.

The fried fish didn’t have a single thorn in it, the meat was tender, the outside was a golden brown layer, you gently picked away the golden brown wrapped around the outside to reveal the pink flesh inside, the fish was fresh and your taste buds got it as soon as you entered.

It is said that fish and chips are also a product of the industrial revolution, although Britain is an island nation, for the days when there were no trains, it took a lot of time to transport fresh fish to the inland, and it was impossible to eat fresh fish inland. With the development of science and technology, transport was speeded up and fish and chips were born.

Since it is in the beautiful Lake District, the hotel for the night is also a country hotel, The coniston Hotel country Estate, which is supposed to be a country hotel.


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