Are you all ready to travel for the summer holidays? The best Japan travel strategy ever is here!

The most important thing to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The price is 350-500 per person per day. ( Not recommended by train: the route is complicated, most of the attractions need to change stations, language barrier + unfamiliar with the terrain, basically lost in the wrong station 100% will occur, midway wasted a lot of valuable time. Not very convenient for tourists.) Charter bus strategy: next note

Plane landing airport: Osaka Kansai International Airport

B&B software: Airbnb, B&B landing: near Osaka Shinsaibashi ~ (trust me or you’ll regret it)

Internet communication: domestic airport WiFi rental, 15 RMB per day

RMB cash needed: 2,000 RMB for 30,000 yen for emergency use. A Visa card? Osaka: 2 days

1. USJ + Wizarding World of Harry Potter (a world-class mega-ride. Many stars have visited the park)

2.Shinsaibashi + Dotonbori (one of the busiest shopping areas in Osaka) 3.Osaka Castle: a park and a historical site of the ancient shogun

4. Osaka Kaiyukan: the largest in the world. Don’t miss it for kids and couples. ,

5. Tontoukaku + Shinsegae: A popular photo spot on the internet. The puffer fish restaurant on the left is famous and a must-try!

6. Tianbao Mountain Observation Wheel: ride up and overlook the city. Recommended: late afternoon or evening

1 day in Kyoto: You can experience kimono in Kyoto, which is available for hire at all the sights.

1. Kiyomizudera Temple + Sanzaka and Futsuzaka + Hanami Trail 2. Arashiyama Mountain + Takebayashi Trail + Watanuki Bridge 3. Kinkakuji Temple

4. Fushimi Inari Taisha: a netizen photo spot, super accurate in seeking signatures and fd will help with translation.


1.Nara Park:Take pictures with the deer and feed them. The netroots photo site; 2. Todaiji Temple: just look around, in the vicinity of Nara Park.

Nara features: the main thing is to take pictures with the deer. You can return to Osaka at the end of the half day and watch the night view.

Wakayama itinerary: 2 days

1. Wakayama Castle: The ancient city of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s brother + historical sites.

2. Kisanai Temple: The largest wooden statue of Buddha in Japan. 1 and 2 are representative features, but small, so do not go there.

3. Shirahama-no

(1) Togetsujima: A round sea cave in the centre of the island was chosen as one of the “100 best sunsets in Wakayama Prefecture” at sunset.

(2) Sanduanbi: A famous cliff face

(3) Senshiki: named after the many layers of tatami mats that are stacked on top of each other. This is a place where you can feel the natural beauty.

(4) Shirahama’s beach: Go surfing in the sea! There are also open-air and hot springs!

(1) Nachi Taisha

(2) Nachi Falls: World Heritage Site, Japan’s No.1 waterfall. 5. Mt Takano: Climbing + cable car

6. Kumano Kodo: A winding path full of greenery. A World Heritage Site. Wakayama is really worth an in-depth tour. One of the most popular cities for Japanese people to visit during holidays! There is the sea, earthquakes and the shock left by nature


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